Elizabeth Adler Books


The Hotel Riviera The Hotel Riviera Combine armchair travel with beach reading romantic suspense, in this novel that brings to life one of the world’s most alluring places.
Meet Me in Venice Meet Me in Venice Four mysterious words prompt antiques dealer Precious Rafferty on a quest across Europe to uncover their meaning. At age 38, Previous loves her American-in-Paris life, but thinks that she’ll never be swept off her feet, until she meets Bennett James.
Sailing to Capri Sailing to Capri A decadent Mediterranean cruise—where nothing is what it seems, no one is telling the truth, and murder is on the agenda…

The House in Amalfi The House in Amalfi A novel of secrets, memories, and unexpected love on Italy's Amalfi Coast.
Invitation to Provence Invitation to Provence A novel of love and adventure in one of the most romantic places on earth: Invitation to Provence.